CAii is a singer, songwriter and producer who makes outspoken, defiant, autobiographical pop music referencing mental health issues, toxic relationships and her experience as a young woman in the modern world. Influenced by artists such as Banks, Fleetwood Mac and Nirvana, her songwriting fuses relatable, raw lyrics with dramatic production and soaring vocals culminating in her unique take on dark, electronic pop.

Hailing from Manchester, UK, CAii has been writing songs on and off since she was around 4 years old, but started a daily habit at the age of 15 as a way to channel difficult emotions. Due to crippling stage fright, she was initially discouraged from pursuing a career in music by her family and instead completed a degree in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. However, after graduation, she could only see a future for herself in music and decided to take the leap and follow her passion.

Originally working with a range of producers in a traditional pop direction, CAii felt stifled and decided more creative control was needed to curate her own unique sound and take more musical risks. This led her to enroll at the School of Electronic Music in Manchester in 2018 to study Music Production and Business. CAii has been honing her skills as a producer ever since, putting in countless hours at the studio.

Having played Sundown Festival, Dot to Dot and Indie Week, along with gigging in Manchester, Liverpool and London, CAii has now overcome her fear of the stage through determined, repeated exposure and feels completely at ease performing. Always fully immersed in her music, she connects with the audience on an emotional level and draws them into her world.